About us

We are importer of various electronics, specialized in digital LCD screens, which are available for various applications. For example, an instruction video to support or highlight a product or Touchscreen applications to provide the customer product information to support them in their product selection.

Our products come mostly from the Far East, where we already have over 10 years experience. JamiePro was founded in 2007 and has started importing promotional gadgets, such as USB sticks, MP3 players, Digital Photo Frames and much more. These innovative products continue to be conducted by our promotional branch. The interactive digital branch focuses on providing a variety of digital presentation solutions to inform and inspire consumers.

In a world of digitalization it is important to find the right products for our customers. Quality, flexibility and reliability are in this process very important. We visit suppliers and their factories to get proper alignment between market demand and what the possibilities are at manufacturing level.

We often make in consult with the manufacturer certain changes to a particular product, giving the customer a great help in the further course of his or her project.

The customer should not only feel that we do our utmost, but that we also deliver as agreed. We put our customers at the center of what we do. We respond and meet our customers expectations by providing a high level of service and innovative technologies.