7inch Android 6.0 Counter Model | EL-0708AIO



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This Android Display can be used in a commercial environment. The Display has Rooted Android 6.0 operating system. This professional display can be used for several solutions to inform / advise people in an attractive way.

• AutoStart by plug in power-adapter
• 7” LCD panel 1024x600 pixels IPS
• Internal HD videoplayer 1080P
• Rooted Android 6.0 / RK 3288
• Internet access by WIFI / LAN (opt. 3G)
• Internal Speakers 2x1 W
• 3.5mm Jack output
• Thin housing, counter model
• Power adapter with 3meter cable
• Usage up to 14 hours per day
• Front Camera / 2.0 mp

• Digital Signage Display
• Advertisement Display
• Built-in ShopDisplays
• Kiosk Display
• CounterDisplay

We can provide several kinds of software apps to play your content, remotely controlled, like our “Signage App: control content by f.i. Dropbox and “SbEND signage.To find more information about this, please go to our software apps page on our website.


(Click below at specifications picture to downlaod the total productsheet with technical drawing)

EL 0708AIO specs

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