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This Android Mediaplayer can be used for any Monitor / Touchscreen or Kiosk.

This player has auto start, when shop electricity is turned on, the player instantly plays the content on the screen. 

On this device your own apps can be installed. For instance signage software for Monitors or website or touchprogram for any Touchscreen.

This model can be connected to the internet by WIFI or LAN cable.

• Operating System Android 4.4 and 5.1 (Rooted)
• RockChip RK3288
• 1080P and 4K output resolution by HDMI output
• Supports Micro SD up to 32GB
• 1x HDMI Out, HDMI2.0
• 4x USB Host
• 1x 3.5 mm HEADPHONE JACK
• 1x RJ45 LAN Port
• Antenna for WIFI
• 1x SPDIF (Digtal audio output)
• 1x DC Jack (2.1mm)
• 16GB Nand Flash (optional: 8/32/64GB)
• Digital signage: Connect to Monitors and Large Format Displays to play content (on- or offline)
• Interacitve Display: Connect to Touchscreen Monitors / TouchScreen Kiosk Totems

Internal Android system can play digital signage apps or touchscreen applications. The Android Operating System is 4.4 or 5.1 (Rooted). These players are installed with a clean system. On this
models, install any kind of software (Android based) for online or offline content playing. We can also install your own apps or image on the player, so it will be ready to plug and play your content.
The model has HDMI out to connect to a display. For internet connection, you can use WIFI and LAN cable, optional it can have a SIM Card for 3G/4G.
We can supply all kind of Software systems for Digital Signage and Touchscreen applications.
Please let us know your needs, so we can offer you the correct software!



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UG MP3S2G16G Android Signage mediaplayer specs

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