GoGet Room Display

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Room Display 5

Room Display 5 software is a professional, ultra-modern meeting room digital signage system that puts you in control of your room reservations. It can be used to manage room bookings via the email calendar or the convenient touch-screens outside each meeting room and present a wide range of customized information including availability, organizer, title and upcoming events. 

Room Display can fully sync with Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, giving you and your users the flexibility to reserve rooms from any location and any device—no extra software needed! Unlike many alternatives on the market, Room Display integrates seamlessly and effortless with most IT-policies.

Book any room right at the display

Standing outside a fully booked meeting room? No problem. With Room Display 5, you can easily see and manage bookings for other rooms in the office, right at the display. Just press the “Go to Free Rooms” button to load other rooms on the same floor or department.

Room Amenities

See room specific details like seat numbers and equipment. Send error reports of said equipment or order e.g. catering services right at the display.

The Room Display Eco-System

Use your existing mail calendar system. Since no additional server software, add-ins or plug-ins are needed, you can make reservations from any mobile device, on-screen, outside the rooms or via the computer. The devices communicate calendar data directly with the calendar source. The Room Display software benefits from running on the world’s most used OS platform – Android. (4.0-).

Room Finder

All-new Room Finder for Room Display 5 is a professional, modern and cost-effecive wayfinder solution ideal for offices with multiple meeting rooms. It displays easy-to-read meeting room information and directions for all visitors and meeting attendees on LED-TVs in reception areas, lobbies and other office areas. It enhances and supplements the GoGet Room Display system.

Easy meeting finding

In a workplace with multiple meeting rooms, Room Finder provides visitors and meeting attendees with wayfinding arrows and up-to-date meeting information at a glance, including: room name, availability, meeting title and host name. This helps meeting attendees to quickly identify the correct meeting room or alternatively a quick guidance to an available room resource.

Easy to use and manage

Room Finder is hardware independent and can be run on most Android media players connected to a large display such as an LED-TV. Large Android touch screens can also be used. Room Finder integrates seamlessly with Room Display 4 & 5 in Room Display Center, where meeting room displays are already connected to the company’s Exchange or Google Calendar system – no further calendar integration or configuration is needed – so installation and configuration is very minimal. The wayfinding system can be freestanding or wall-mounted, placed vertically or horizontally and has simple cabling, network and power requirements.